Friday, 31 July 2009

Leather love

I love these leather jackets from Bebe, and i love the look of both these ladies. The pictures are from the blog of Monica Rose celebrity stylist. If you havent already visited her blog, you need to. She is not only stunning herself but she does a fab job styling the Kardashian sisters.

I particularly love Catt's grey jacket and how cute are her shoes!! I am always drawn to these type of shoes, the peep toe booties....Ahhhh.

I love Kims flat studded sandals too.


Thursday, 30 July 2009


I need these pieces. I love the Acne shoes. How many bloggers will be wearing these......hmmmm. Gawgus

Bally top handle studded bag- Euro 1343 (a change from the wang stud version) me loves
Acne atacoma wedge shoes £335
Acne grey dress £505, Acne black burn out dress £135
Topshop vampire blazer £55, Topshop disc jacket £150
Givenchy feather bracelet £586, facet ring Lady Grey £190

Follow me in the dark

Was feeling a little sad, these pictures suit my mood, black.

source: unknown, stylesightings,

Take me somewhere, i really want to leave.


I would wear everone of these pieces from the Rad by Rad Hourani unisex collection. Gimme gimme gimme.

credit: stylesightings, jakjill

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Miro love

My fav picture, i just love the ripped jeans and sheer t shirt combo. Those YSL tributes are amazing and my all time favorite item, the Balenciaga leather jacket.....drool!! <3

I must say, my inspiration folder is crammed full of pictures of Miro slava-duma. Her style is effortless and can i just say...........HAIR ENVY!!! I am so craving a Louis Vuitton scarf. My next purchase methinks.

Danny boy

Everyone has heard of Danny Roberts and i must say i join the thousand of women (and men) who love his work. I just love the drawings he does of bloggers they are soooo cute. And you can purchase his work for as little as $20. He really is a true inspiration.

I have been dying for the women in glasses t-shirt he collaborated with. Here are some of my favourite paintings from his collection.


credit:, saks, unknown,

I am currently thinking of a new Diy project. With so much time on my hands i really need to be more productive (yeah right). So, why not zips, I love that necklace, i cant rememeber the website and i think i followed a link from Rumi's website (fashion toast) but boy those necklaces are HOT but so expensive and those Guiseppe Zanotti shoes are just divine and everyone has mentioned the Phillip Lim dress (awesome) Maybe i will destroy a t-shirt or something?

Monday, 27 July 2009

just a little polywhoring

I've just joined polyvore, i know how lame. I would've done it years ago but i didnt.

Anyway, i am sooooo addicted. i spend hours on there, heres a little two minute creation i did today.

Tee and rhinestones
Tee and rhinestones by DirtyFashion featuring Givenchy boots, balmain jacket, belt.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

jewels bejewels

I didnt want to wear heels today so i opted for my Topshop flat studded boots. I bought these babies last year but i have only worn them a handful of times. Gahhh. Anyway, I went to see some friends and this what i wore out. My Zara studded blazer- need to wear this more often, I also wore my Chanel (wallet on a chain) bag, i need to show this more love and incorporate it into more outfits. I wore some necklaces (see post below) the pink one is my fav (love).

outfit: Zara blazer, Zara sheer t-shirt, vintage necklaces, Topshop jeans, Topshop boots, Chanel bag.

Rhinestones and gypsies!

credit: knightcat, unknown

These are my vintage necklaces, the black rhinestone necklace is from topshop though.

I am currently obsessed with rhinestone necklaces and bracelets. If i had money i would buy an Erickson beamon costume necklace and i bet i would be very happy, unfortunately i dont, so i will have to make do with my vintage stash.

I love layering and getting them all tangled. They look cute over a sheer t-shirt.

What i truly covet though is this necklace, oh how i LOVE.

credit: misswoo

Friday, 24 July 2009

Chanel to die for!

I was browsing jakandjill this morning and i came across this backstage photo from Chanel. I absolutely fell in love with the makeup. I tried to re-create the eyes, bear in mind i am not a makeup artist i just love experimenting. I also didnt go out like this, this look is solely reserved for the catwalk. lol. Check out the pics.

Please excuse the sort stubby lashes, i wish i had longer lashes. All my cousins and my sister have beautiful long lashes.

Oh how i despise!

Gimme that Gingham

Boring outfit. I really couldnt be bothered, it was raining all day so i stayed inside for most of the day.

I loved the oversized shirts featured on WWWD. Topshop sell some amazing stripe shirts for £28 but for me that is a lot of money for a shirt when i can i can find a similar one in my brothers closet. I had already bought this on ebay for £6 a while ago the label is Thomas Pink.

For my eyes I used a neutral color all over but used the eyeliner to create a nice smoky look. Perfect for day. The rhinestone necklaces jazzed up an otherwise boring outfit.

Outfit: shirt Thomas Pink, necklaces vintage, jeans dorothy perkins, shoes topshop, bag miu miu,
Bangles topshop.