Monday, 24 August 2009

orange boxes

Well they finally arrived.................................. the bigger box was the perfume. i have been dying for the Kelly Caleche since it was launched. The bracelet is divine.

I feel quite emotional, my first Hermes purchase. Awwww

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New buys and grand ties!

Ive been away from the blog for a few days but i have been naughty................i actually placed an order on Hermes...........nothing too extravagant but still dear nonetheless.

I got an enamel bracelet in black and white and the Hermes Kelly caleche perfume. I will post pics as soon as they arrive. Ahhhhh!

whats new bunies?

loves ya! S

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I'll show you my duster if you show me yours!!

Holy F***

First those knuckle duster clutches now this...........Mcqueen you are killing me. I need this. At £275 its a bit steep but you could buy 4 separate rings at a higher price so i guess it would be a justified buy!! lol.

I dream of Paris

I finally went to Zara and got this top, i had to go to two different stores to finally get my grubby hands on it. I love it. I also got a fur vest with pockets. Divine!

Caroline and Melika are stunning. I love the way Melike (top) added the chains to the shoulder part!! amazing.


Monday, 10 August 2009

Rogue angels

Photos from Nadja Auermann. They make me gasp. I love the aura of these pics, makes me think of a million different things!

Friday, 7 August 2009

one day i will meet my prince!

How amazing is this girls head piece. I would love to rock this, I'm sure it will get me a few odd looks but who cares right? Maybe if those feathers were a bit shorter! Hmmm i wish! Ha!

The detailing on the shoulders is FAB. I would love to DIY this.


Take a look at yourself

Lindsay Lohan from this months Elle's magazine. How i covet those Isabel Marant studded boots. I Die!!

I have seen some similar ones in the new Zara collection which will have to do!

Not really a fan of the Lohan but this spread was gorgeous.

Wang bag

When i first saw this bag i just looked past it but i have fallen in love now. I have never owned a bucket bag in fact i hated them but i must say this one would be a welcome addition to my collection.

Look at that scrumptious leather and the studs are bang on trend! BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A bit of blog lovin

How incredible is this girl? Her pictures look like they come from a magazine editorial.

check out her blog, i found her on chictopia. Beautiful.